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USG Inc. provides the highest quality, solution-driven security services while also helping clients address allprotective planning and strategic cost objectives.

Our company exists to aid and supplement the efforts of public, corporate and individual interests in the protection of assets. The services offered by USG Inc. — Investigation, Protection and Security Strategies — have been integrated, allowing us to consult effectively with our clients with a broad view toward individualized goals and needs.

Our personnel are more than just a physical presence.  They are well-trained, interactive facilitators focused on addressing every aspects of the client’s protection with uncompromising results.

At USG Inc., we believe in a multidisciplinary, team approach to protection management, whether it is conducting in-depth investigations, threat assessments, protection or security planning.

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USG is a privately held company that has earned a reputation as an innovator within the security industry.  We have dedicated ourselves to the corporate and commercial services field.  Our goal is to provide a quality security services by working hand in hand with your management team, and to continually improve upon your existing security program.

Our agency is a full-service security management company providing uniformed security officers, consulting services and comprehensive all-hazard assessments.  We view our employees as ambassadors of our company.  We have invested significant resources to pre-screening all of our employees through a comprehensive independent background investigation, narcotics screening and a human resources screening.